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A Collective Vision Indigenous Leadership in Climate Solutions

The First Nations Climate Initiative (FNCI) was established in October 2019 and is now led by Haisla, Metlakatla, Nisga’a and Halfway River First Nations to facilitate active collaboration in the fight against climate change and poverty in First Nations’ communities.

Our Vision

A World of Resilience and Renewal

Global warming stopped at 1.5ºC.
The climate, the ocean, and the ecosystems are recovering.
Economic self-determination and prosperity for Indigenous communities.
A decarbonized economy.

Our Four Fold Mission

Shaping a Sustainable Future

Fighting Climate Change

Climate change is the single greatest threat humanity has ever faced. We need to make bold moves and tough choices in the fight against climate change. Responsibly developing and exporting low carbon resources and decarbonization technologies from the Northwest Coast to reinforce decarbonization efforts in countries with the highest emissions dwarfes all other efforts in western Canada to mitigate climate change. We also need to eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions  by decarbonizing our economy and recovering damaged ecosystems as carbon sinks.

Alleviating First Nations Poverty

Across Canada, First Nations are lifting themselves out of the poverty imposed by colonization. Standards of living for Canada’s Indigenous population are well below those non-Indigenous citizens. Climate smart development of resources that displace more GHG intensive products locally and globally is full of opportunities for First Nations to become leaders in the future decarbonized economy while  they elevate the standard of living for their  communities.

Advancing Ecosystem Restoration

A globally significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is not the only positive environmental consequence of the FNCI’s vision. The FNCI also envisions absorbing carbon out of the atmosphere by supporting First Nations’ efforts to restore the ecosystems in their territories. These nature based climate solutions can accelerate achieving net-zero and facilitate the negative emissions necessary to recover the climate afterwards. Climate smart development can be – and should be – part of financing this broader environmental effort in northern BC.

Reconciliation in Action

The Federal and British Columbia Provincial governments passed legislation in 2019 to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The FNCI serves as a forum that enables First Nations to work together with other levels of Government, the Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations on climate change and development policy that can make the promises in this legislation a reality.

Leadership Nations

United in Vision & Action

Learn More About Our Mission and Actions

Explore our News and Insights and our detailed Climate Action Plan to understand the depth of our commitment and the strategic steps we’re taking towards a sustainable future for First Nations communities.

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