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Proactive Electrification

BC is a world leader in renewable energy and our approach needs to expand to anticipate the energy needs of of a fully decarbonized economy.

Billions of dollars of investment are required in renewable energy generation and transmission infrastructure in order to electrify a decarbonized economy in northern BC, particularly when national and international transportation energy requirements are considered. Today’s individual project developments are not capable of financing this scale of transmission and generation development.

FNCI is working with BC Hydro and other potential providers of electricity to investigate how to finance and deliver renewable energy at this scale. The benefits will flow to many FN’s as potential owners and partners in the many projects, while building the backbone of the decarbonized northern economy in BC. These potential developments include offshore, coastal and northeast wind resources, new hydro facilities and geothermal resources, Blue and Green Hydrogen and a robust transmission system from Prince George to Kitimat and Prince Rupert.