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Empowering First Nations’ Leadership in Climate Solutions

For a Sustainable Future, Restored Lands, and Thriving Communities.

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Unity, Restoration, Empowerment

Pioneering Indigenous Leadership for Climate Action

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The First Nations Climate Initiative (FNCI) is an Indigenous-led initiative dedicated to fostering resilient communities through strategic climate action, alleviating First Nations’ poverty, restoring ecosystems in First Nations’ traditional territories, and enabling Indigenous people to be leading actors in the decarbonized economy. We unite communities, experts, and leaders to shape a net-zero future and beyond.

Prioritizing nature-based solutions, renewable energy, and strategic partnerships, FNCI is not just crafting a path towards a resilient legacy and thriving ecosystems. We are at the forefront of accelerating the development of climate solutions across British Columbia and Canada, expanding economic opportunities for First Nations communities. By fostering innovation and collaboration, FNCI is paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future for generations to come.

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Understanding the Climate Crisis

Our Shared Challenge

Climate change represents a critical shift impacting our planet, marked by rising temperatures, severe weather, and massive species extinctions and dislocations. As we face increased environmental stresses, mitigating and adapting to the challenges ahead is vital. The path forward requires immediate action and innovation.

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Join us in our journey towards sustainable change. Whether you’re an individual looking to influence policy, a member of the media spreading the word, a business aiming to partner, or an academic eager to contribute knowledge, your participation is crucial. Together, we can drive impactful climate action.

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“To be leaders, you have to be visionaries and think beyond your life and beyond yourself […] we have fast running streams and natural resources, gas being one and later on there’s hydrogen. Burning coal and dirty fuels for energy is not good for climate change. How can we help people on the other side of the world that do not have clean energy so we can leave the land in a better state than it is now?”

– Brian Tait, Executive Chairperson of the Haisla First Nation